Upcoming Classes & Workshops

09/20/2021 Butterfly 101: A Look at Virginia Butterflies (And Their Caterpillars!)-Zoom Class

09/21/2021 SOLD OUT Eating Wild Edibles of Virginia

09/21/2021 Attracting Butterflies to Your Backyard and the Host Plants for Their Caterpillars-Zoom Class

09/21/2021 Digital Photography: Beginning Photography

09/21/2021 Natural Soapmaking Workshop

09/22/2021 Wednesday Oil Painting (8-Week Class)

09/22/2021 Moths 101: A Look at Moths Seen in Tidewater and Their Caterpillars-Zoom Class

09/23/2021 Thursday Oil Painting (8-Week Class)

09/23/2021 Sunset Kayaking

09/23/2021 SOLD OUT Origami: Pandas

09/23/2021 SOLD OUT Moth Night at the Norfolk Botanical Garden

09/24/2021 Mesmerizing Monarchs and their Migration-Zoom Class

09/25/2021 Floral Design Workshop: Salvaged Wood Arrangement

09/25/2021 Buzz into Action

09/25/2021 Guided Mindfulness Walk

09/25/2021 SOLD OUT All About Mushrooms

09/28/2021 Big Trees of NBG

09/30/2021 Sunset Kayaking

09/30/2021 The Science of Climate Inequity-Zoom Class

10/04/2021 Monday Morning Yoga (4-Week Class)

10/05/2021 SOLD OUT Luminous Colored Pencils (4-Week Class)

10/05/2021 SOLD OUT Statuary Vista Dig and Divide

10/05/2021 Selecting and Growing the Best Spring-Blooming Bulbs for Coastal Virginia-Zoom

10/06/2021 Wednesday Morning Yoga (4-Week Class)

10/06/2021 Oaks of the Coastal Plain

10/07/2021 Beginner T'ai Chi (8-Week Class)

10/07/2021 Intermediate T'ai Chi (8-Week Class)

10/07/2021 DIY Suet Feeder Workshop

10/07/2021 Sunset Kayaking

10/07/2021 Worm Composting

10/09/2021 CANCELLED Intro to Botanical Colored Pencil

10/09/2021 Painting Free

10/09/2021 Guided Mindfulness Walk

10/12/2021 Natural Soapmaking Workshop

10/12/2021 SOLD OUT Garden Stars

10/14/2021 A Tale of Two City Trees

10/14/2021 Sunset Kayaking

10/14/2021 SOLD OUT Owl Prowl

10/16/2021 Watercolors: Autumn Leaves and Chickadee

10/16/2021 Fall at Mirror Lake Walk & Talk

10/16/2021 Intro to Cross Stitching

10/19/2021 Cut Flowers for the Home Gardener

10/19/2021 Edible Landscaping-Zoom

10/20/2021 Border Garden Dig and Divide

10/20/2021 State of the Bay-Zoom Class

10/21/2021 Art in the Garden Walk & Talk

10/21/2021 Vertical Farming

10/21/2021 Digital Photography: Macro Photography

10/21/2021 SOLD OUT Origami: Bats/Owls Mobile

10/26/2021 Dominion Energy Garden of Lights: Behind the Scenes Walk & Talk

10/27/2021 SOLD OUT Autumn Pumpkin Floral Design Arrangement

10/28/2021 13 Plants of Halloween

10/28/2021 Spiced Ciders

10/29/2021 Creepy Carnivores-Zoom

11/02/2021 Sumi-e: Japanese Ink Painting (5-Week Class)

11/02/2021 Digital Photography: Low Light Photography

11/03/2021 SOLD OUT Dried Flower Wreath Design

11/04/2021 Conifers

11/04/2021 SOLD OUT Owl Prowl

11/05/2021 Intro to Botanical Illustration (2-Day Workshop)

11/06/2021 Botanical Beauty

11/09/2021 Bats: The Cutest Pollinators

11/09/2021 Fall Container Workshop

11/09/2021 Steps Towards Solar-Zoom Class

11/09/2021 Quilling 101

11/11/2021 Lafayette Wetlands Partnership: Our Mission and Results-Zoom Class

11/13/2021 Watercolors: Sunsets

11/13/2021 Natural Soapmaking Workshop

11/13/2021 Broadleaf Evergreens for Tidewater

11/13/2021 Fall Color Walk & Talk

11/13/2021 Guided Mindfulness Walk

11/16/2021 Smartphone Photography for Beginners

11/18/2021 Japanese Maple Walk & Talk

11/19/2021 Fall Color Walk & Talk

11/23/2021 SOLD OUT Thanksgiving Centerpiece Floral Design

12/02/2021 Growing a Natural Dye Garden

12/04/2021 Candle Making Workshop

12/07/2021 Outdoor Holiday Container Workshop

12/08/2021 Garden Planning

12/09/2021 Winter Sowing for Pollinators

12/11/2021 Watercolors: Cardinals and Holly

12/11/2021 Origami: Holiday Ornaments

12/11/2021 Guided Mindfulness Walk

12/14/2021 DIY Tillandsia Wreaths

12/15/2021 DIY Suet Feeder Workshop

12/16/2021 12 Plants of Christmas

Please bring a refillable container for use at the cold, filtered-water refilling stations located throughout the Garden.  MORE INFO