Upcoming Classes & Workshops

If you are signed up for a class you are not required to reserve a timed-entry-ticket.  Please let tollbooth know which class you are attending.

10/03/2023 SOLD OUT Mushroom Cultivation

10/04/2023 SOLD OUT Pumpkin Centerpiece Floral Design

10/06/2023 SOLD OUT All About Mushrooms

10/09/2023 Monday Morning Yoga (4-Week Class)

10/10/2023 Invasive Plant Management

10/11/2023 Wednesday Morning Yoga (4-Week Class)

10/12/2023 SOLD OUT Beginner T'ai Chi (8-Week Class)

10/12/2023 Intermediate T'ai Chi (8-Week Class)

10/12/2023 SOLD OUT Cooking with Mushrooms

10/12/2023 SOLD OUT Origami: Bats

10/13/2023 Friday Morning Yoga (4-Week Class)

10/13/2023 SOLD OUT Garden Highlights Walk & Talk

10/14/2023 Watercolors: Monarch and Black-eyed Susans

10/14/2023 Succulent Pumpkin Workshop

10/14/2023 SOLD OUT Jam, Jelly, and Canning 101

10/17/2023 Crystal Bowl Sound Bath

10/17/2023 SOLD OUT The Fundamentals of Pizza Making

10/17/2023 SOLD OUT Worm Composting

10/19/2023 SOLD OUT Dig and Divide in Statuary Vista

10/19/2023 Garden Stars

10/20/2023 SOLD OUT Birding Walk & Talk

10/21/2023 Watercolors: Whimsical Chickens

10/21/2023 SOLD OUT Roots, Bark, Berries & Seed Medicine

10/24/2023 The Importance of Winter Bird Feeding

10/24/2023 Light Painting Digital Photography

10/25/2023 13 Plants of Halloween

10/26/2023 SOLD OUT Owl Prowl

11/01/2023 Sustainable Gardening 101

11/02/2023 Owl Prowl

11/07/2023 Under the Scope: The Broccoli in Your Vegetable Garden

11/07/2023 Sumi-e: Japanese Ink Painting (5-Week Class)

11/08/2023 Dried Floral Wreath Design

11/09/2023 Fall in the Matson Garden

11/11/2023 Origami: Pandas and Bamboo

11/11/2023 Succulent Topiary Candlesticks Workshop

11/11/2023 SOLD OUT Fall Color Walk & Talk

11/13/2023 Monday Morning Yoga (4-Week Class)

11/14/2023 SOLD OUT Tree Species in the Garden Walk & Talk

11/14/2023 Holiday Ornament Clay Workshop

11/15/2023 Wednesday Morning Yoga (4-Week Class)

11/16/2023 Honeybees, What Are They Good For?

11/17/2023 Friday Morning Yoga (4-Week Class)

11/17/2023 Garden Highlights Walk & Talk

11/18/2023 Watercolors: Autumn Leaves and Chickadee

11/18/2023 Intro to Knitting

11/18/2023 SOLD OUT Plant Concoctions for Winter Wellness

11/20/2023 SOLD OUT Thanksgiving Centerpiece Floral Design

11/28/2023 SOLD OUT Japanese Maple Walk & Talk

11/30/2023 Green Thumb, Brown Leaves-A Look into Plant Diseases

12/02/2023 SOLD OUT Origami: Holiday Ornaments

12/02/2023 SOLD OUT Jam, Jelly, and Canning 101

12/02/2023 SOLD OUT Mushroom Medicine

12/05/2023 SOLD OUT Holiday Wreath Floral Design

12/05/2023 Under the Scope: The Peppers in Your Vegetable Garden

12/05/2023 SOLD OUT Holiday Wreath Floral Design

12/06/2023 Intro to Botanical Watercolor

12/07/2023 Gardening as You Age

12/07/2023 Holiday Gnome Floral Design

12/09/2023 Watercolors: Owl and Snowy Scene

12/09/2023 SOLD OUT Living Succulent Christmas Tree Workshop

12/09/2023 Botanical Beauty

12/09/2023 Choice Evergreen Shrubs for Local Landscapes

12/12/2023 Outdoor Holiday Container Workshop

12/12/2023 Wetlands of Hampton Roads

12/14/2023 12 Plants of Christmas

12/20/2023 DIY Suet Feeder Workshop

12/22/2023 SOLD OUT Holiday Centerpiece Floral Design

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