The Butterfly House is closed for the season. 

9:30-6:30 June 24 – Sept 30


Please be mindful of the house guidelines when visiting:

  • Maintain ONE-WAY traffic through the Butterfly House and walk only on pathways
  • No dogs in the house at any time
  • Do not touch any specimens. We understand butterflies will land where they like, but please, for their safety, do not initiate contact
  • Please do not pick the flowers or plant materials
  • Mind your feet! Please be cautious of the living collection as you enter their habitat, and check benches and pathways for specimens

Monarch Tag and Release 2021

Though we weren’t able to hold our public tag and release these past 2 years, we kept the tradition alive! Out interns with the Virginia Beach Environmental Studies helped us tag both our monarchs in the exhibit as well as wild monarchs last fall as they prepared for their migration to Mexico. Tags were provided by Monarch Watch, and NBG’s butterflies are sequence AEUR 225-724. You can click here to check back an monitor reported tags! Want to learn more about their migration? Check out this free program!

2021 Virtual Butterfly Festival

in partnership with the Butterfly Society of Virginia

Butterflies 101

Attracting Butterflies

Moths 101

Monarchs and their Migration

Due to construction and LIMITED PARKING, we are requiring TIMED-ENTRY-TICKETING for ALL visitors  Learn More