Enrich your curriculum and have the Norfolk Botanical Garden come to you with our Suitcase Science outreach programs! Choose from a variety of programs and let one of our Garden Educators lead a SOL based program designed to complement your curriculum. Each program lasts approximately 60 minutes.


$100 per class (maximum 25 students), $80 for each additional class on the same day. A $30 travel fee per visit will be charged for locations outside a 30 minute travel distance from NBG.


  • School Year Outreach Programs are available Monday-Friday, 9AM-2PM.
  • Summer Outreach Programs are available June-August.

To schedule an outreach program, please contact the Youth Education Department  at (757)441-5830 x463 or Minimum two week advanced registration required for all outreach programs.

Choose from the following programs:

  • Plants 101
    Introduce your students to the world of plants with this exciting, hands-on program led by one of our knowledgeable Youth Educators! Your students will love working to build an 8ft felt veggie garden puzzle and planting seeds to keep in the classroom.
    VA SOL: Science:K.6, K.8, History: K.8b, c English: K.1a
  • Plants and Animals of the Garden
    What is the Norfolk Botanical Garden? Sure we have plants, but did you know that these plants are a very important part of the habitat for our wildlife? We’ll give your students the inside scoop on how our garden grows and how the plants and animals that live here change throughout the seasons.
    VA SOL: Science: 1.4, 1.5, 1.7
  • Plants and People
    How have different environments and resources affected the lives of Native Americans? Let our Youth Educator bring these answers to your classroom through plants and tools used by tribes. (This is a great review for 3rd graders.)
    VA SOL: History/Geography: 2.4,2.8
  • Know Your Niche!
    Liven up your classroom with an introduction to living systems from the Norfolk Botanical Garden! Pass the energy through the food web game, learn about animal adaptations, habitats and niches as we explore the interdependence of plants and animals in their ecosystem.
    VA SOL: Living Systems 3.4, 3.5, 3.6, 3.8, 3.10, 3.11, 4.5
  • New! Plants are Weird Classroom Outreach

    Plants are Weird! We don’t think so. Let us bring our weird and wonderful collection of plants to your classroom! From the largest seed in the world to a plant that moves when you touch it, your students will see nature in a whole new way. Educational topics include the scientific method, plant parts, adaptations, habitats and conservation. All students will also receive a kit to grow their own weird plants at home or in the classroom. Grades 1-8

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