NBG Outreach Programs

Book an outreach program for your class, grade level, school, child-care facilities, and more! Our SOL-aligned outreach programs are a great way to review science concepts with our Youth Educators without having to worry about travel to and from the Garden.


$125 for the first class, and $100 for each additional class (max. of 25 students per class). If you have multiple groups of students, we can schedule back-to-back and/or concurrent sessions.


Students will learn about the parts of a plant that we eat, plant sunflower seeds, participate in a tai-chi lesson that represents the lifecycle of a plant, and complete a craft that coincides with the book The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. Recommended for Grades Pre-K-1.


Review the lifecycles of frogs, flowers, and butterflies! Program includes a lifecycle of a butterfly craft for the students to complete. Recommended for Grades 1-2.


Review plant and animal adaptations, the anatomy of a flower, photosynthesis, and then play our interactive food web game. Recommended for Grades 3-5.


Students will review the water cycle and learn about the importance of watersheds and coastal areas by using an Enviroscape. Recommended for Grades 3-7.

Specialty Programs

Interested in having staff put together a customized program for your class? We are able to offer a variety of nature-based outreach topics with approval from the Youth Education Manager! Make sure to include the requested topics in your booking information email.  The cost for specialty programs is $150 for the first class, and $125 for each additional class.

To schedule an outreach program*, please contact the Youth Education Department at (757)441-5830 x463, or email us at youthed@nbgs.org with the following information:
  • Requested Date(s)
  • School Name/Address
  • Preferred Program Start Time(s)
  • Number of Classes
  • Number of Students
  • Grade Level(s)
  • Program Topic
  • Contact teacher name/telephone/email
*Minimum three-week advanced registration required for all outreach programs.