Many of the following organizations meet at the Garden. Please see each society’s page for more information about their calendar of events.

Butterfly Society of Virginia

Founded in 1992 with the goals of butterfly education, conservation, gardening and volunteering. The Butterfly Society now has over 250 members. Society holds annual summer event. Past events include the Butterfly Garden Tour and the Butterfly Family Festival. Meetings are held once per quarter. Meetings vary.

Website: Butterfly Society of Virginia


Norfolk Extension Master Gardeners

The Norfolk Extension Master Gardener Association provides current, research-based, home horticulture information and education to the citizens of our community. We have many projects and programs throughout the city

Website: Norfolk Extension Master Gardeners


Tidewater Daylily Society

Individual membership to the Tidewater Daylily Society is $10.00, Family $15.00.

Website: Tidewater Daylily Society



Tidewater Orchid Society

To promote public interest in and appreciation of orchids by undertaking exhibits, shows, and other promotions, and will endeavor to increase members’ knowledge of orchids and their culture by lectures, workshops, and educational programs.

Website: Tidewater Orchid Society

Virginia Bonsai Society

The Virginia Bonsai Society is dedicated to the promotion, education, and enjoyment of the Art of Bonsai in the Hampton Roads area. Our monthly meetings are held in the Holly Room the first Thursday, 7:00 pm. New website for more information coming soon!

Website: Coming Soon

Virginia Camellia Society

The Virginia Camellia Society is dedicated to the growth and propagation of camellias since 1946. The Virginia Camellia Society in a coordinated effort with Norfolk Botanical Garden, assist in maintaining the Hofheimer Camellia Garden. Meetings and workshops are held throughout the year at Norfolk Botanical Garden.

Website: Virginia Camellia Society

Virginia Native Plant Society

The Virginia Native Plant Society is dedicated to the protection and preservation of the native plants of Virginia and their habitats, in order to sustain for generations to come the integrity of the Commonwealth’s rich natural heritage of ecosystems and biodiversity for purposes of enjoyment, enlightenment, sustainable use and our very own survival. Call for schedule of meetings.

Website: Virginia Native Plant Society



Tidewater African Violet Society

The Tidewater African Violet Society is dedicated to the education and promotion of America’s favorite houseplant.
Our club usually meets the 4th Sunday of each month from September through June. Annual Show and Sale every April at NBG.
Facebook:  Tidewater African Violet Society
Website: Tidewater African Violet Society