Norfolk Botanical Garden conserves plants and habitats, cultivates beauty, offers knowledge and inspires protection of nature.

Garden Mission:
Norfolk Botanical Garden
Immerses visitors in a world of beauty
Leads through environmental action
Inspires through education and connection to nature

Operating budget: $6,900,000
Endowment: $17,065,133
Employees: 117 (2022-2023 fiscal year)
Active volunteer: 1,143
Attendance: 423,070 (2022-2023 fiscal year)
Members: 14,493
Opt-in email addresses: 70,000+
Social media posts: 500+ in 2021
Social media impressions: 10+ million in 2021
Bulbs Planted for seasonal display: 13,000+
Bulbs planted for permanent accession: 6,500+
Annuals planted for seasonal display: 32,351+
Perennials planted: 4,089

Opened in 1939, Norfolk Botanical Garden encompasses 175-acres, with more than 60 themed gardens that can be viewed by tram, boat or by foot. Each of these gardens allow guests to see a variety of plants – from the cultivated to the wild.