Bonsai Collection

Our bonsai collection has recently come out of protective storage for the winter and is now on display in the Transition Garden. NBG is somewhat unique that our collection is managed by a group of dedicated and passionate bonsai volunteers. Over the past few years they have been able to substantially grow our collection and it now includes some amazing pieces, many of which were created from ordinary garden plants growing in our gardens or nursery.

Located – Transition Garden

Kousa Dogwood

The other dogwood (Cornus kousa) is an Asian cousin to our own flowering dogwood and state tree (Cornus florida), but with notable differences. Kousa dogwoods get their leaves first, then the flowers appear afterwards, seeming to float atop the branches. They are also somewhat easier to grow than our native, being more resistant to insects and diseases. Like our native, the flowers are beautiful; the fruits are eaten by local wildlife; and in fall their foliage turns handsome colors before dropping to reveal attractive bark.

Located – Garden Wide

Mountain Laurel

This native plant (Kalmia latifolia) is one of North America’s loveliest shrubs. The flowers come in shades of pink, white, and red, and their unusual buds and blooms are best appreciated up close. Although they have a reputation for being difficult to grow, where they are happy they are prolific – like Mirror Lake.

Located – Mirror Lake


These azalea cousins have a reputation for being difficult to grow in Coastal Virginia. However, if you can provide them with very well drained soil in dappled shade you will be rewarded with great clusters of color and evergreen foliage.

Located – Rhododendron Garden


Get out there, and get out there now! It is a riot of color and fragrance.

Located – Bicentennial Rose Garden

Star Jasmine

This Southern favorite (Trachelospermum jasminoides) is one of the most fragrant vines filling the air with its vanilla-like fragrance. It is evergreen, thrives in heat and humidity, but Coastal Virginia is about as far north as it will tolerate.

Located – Circle Garden