Hybrid Hellebores

Within the past few decades plant breeders have been busy with different Helleborus species, crossing them back and forth, looking for something new and different. In our Winter Garden you can see some of the results of this effort with varieties that are reliably evergreen, sterile (will not seed around), bloom earlier, and with upright flowers on sturdy stems you can actually see without having to get down on your knees. Look for ‘Cinnamon Snow’, ‘Mahogany Snow’, and ‘Joseph Lempler’, all of which will be blooming this month.

Located – The Winter Garden


The weather may be cold outside, but it is balmy in our Tropical Display House, and that is just how the plants in there like it, including our exotic orchid collection. At this time of year, they begin their main bloom season, which usually peaks in March. As winter progresses stop by often to see what might be in bloom.

Located – Tropical Display House

‘Rijnveld’s Early Sensation’ Daffodil

Like clockwork, this wonderful daffodil is always the first to boom, and always in January. It was first bred sometime before 1943 in England by Mr. F. Herbert Chapman. Perhaps Mr. Chapman was slow to register his prize, because a Dutch company claimed it was theirs, putting their own name on it in 1956. Who knew the world of daffodils was full of such intrigue?

Located – Border Garden

Winterberry Holly

Many hollies are known for their evergreen prickly foliage, but not our native winterberry (Ilex verticillata). In the fall the foliage turns a golden yellow before dropping, though the branches are not bare. They are covered in clusters of bright red, showy fruit which usually persists into January when overwintering birds will make a meal of them.

Located – Holly Garden and Discovery Grove

Winter Jasmine

Each winter, this plant (Jasminum nudiflorum) graces us with bright yellow blooms on evergreen stems. It is a sprawling haystack of a shrub, not for gardeners who like neat and tidy control, but for those that like carefree abandon, no matter the time of year, it is perfect. Thrives in full sun with neglect.

Located – WOW Children’s Garden and Holly Garden


The flowers of wintersweet (Chimonanthus praecox) are somewhat bell shaped and hang from the bare branches, usually with the first warm spell of winter. Their fragrance is sweet like the best perfume.

Located – The Winter Garden