Children’s Birthday Parties

As part of our updated birthday party rental packages, party hosts and guests will have private access to our WOW Children’s Garden Loblolly Classroom for one hour, be able to explore our beautiful 175-acre Garden, and so much more!

Pricing for a birthday party rental package starts at $275 for members, and $375 for not-yet-members. All rentals include the classroom rental and table decorations, admission for party attendants (up to 25 guests over the age of 2), and paper products for the party (plates, cups, napkins). After the conclusion of the “formal” rental, guests will have access to explore the rest of the Garden.

In addition to our regularly offered amenities, all winter rentals (mid-October to early April) include our Very Hungry Caterpillar add-on package as complimentary activities!

Email for additional pricing options and schedule availability. Include your name, telephone/email, the name/age of the birthday child, how many guests you expect, and your preferred dates/times.


  • Discounted rental rates for NBG members! NBG memberships must be active at the time of the rental. Memberships that lapse before the rental date will require hosts pay the non-member rate.
  • Half an hour early arrival before rental time to set-up. A staff person will greet the host family at the parking lot with a golf cart. Staff will bring down the party supplies on the Golf Cart to be delivered to the classroom. Guests are not permitted to ride the golf cart.
  • Rental Start Times: 10AM and 2PM.
  • One-hour classroom rental. 30 minutes are added to the end of the party for clean-up of the classroom. 
  • Garden admission for up to 25 party guests. Up to 10 additional guests (35 total) can be added for $75.00.
  • Need more time? An additional 30 minutes can be added to the rental for $50.00.

COMPLIMENTARY ADD-ON: A Very Hungry Caterpillar Party

  • This option features A Very Hungry Caterpillar-themed classroom decorations, a story time, and a craft, and includes all of the regular birthday party amenities – up to 25 total guests, tablecloths and table centerpieces, and paper plates, cups and napkins.
  • Pricing: FREE for rentals booked in mid-October to early April. Complimentary add-ons are offered during the off season of the WOW Splash Fountains.
  • All attendance requirements apply to this party option. Hosts can add 10 additional guests (total of 35) for $75.
  • Additional time will not be added to the rental to complete the activities. Hosts can add an additional 30 minutes to the rental for $50.

ADD-ON: Deluxe Garden Dinosaur Party

  • The deluxe option features a dinosaur-themed terrarium craft and goodie bags, decorations for the room, and includes all of the regular birthday party amenities – up to 25 total guests, tablecloths, table decorations, and paper plates, cups and napkins.
  • Full Package Pricing: $15/Child.
    • Terrarium Only: $10/Child.
    • Goodie Bag Only: $5/Child.
  • All attendance requirements apply to the deluxe party option. Hosts can add 10 additional guests (total of 35) for $75.
  • Additional time will not be added to the rental to complete the activities. Hosts can add an additional 30 minutes to the rental for $50.


  • Please remember that you may only bring food (that doesn’t require heating or cooling), dining and serving utensils, and any other “pack in, pack out” items you may need for the party. We will provide paper plates, paper cups, and napkins for the party.
  • If you plan to decorate for the party, please notify staff of what you plan to bring. We will only permit table covers and table decorations.
  • Bluetooth speakers or other small speaker devices are permitted to play music. Outside entertaining is not permitted.
  • Norfolk Botanical Garden does not permit balloons, piñatas, or helium tanks on the property.
  • No public refrigeration is available. A cooler for ice, drinks, and leftover food is recommended.
  • You may bring your own food that can be served at room temperature. Prepared sandwich/veggie/fruit trays are highly recommended. Food and cake deliveries are NOT permitted.
  • Staff do not handle open food, assist with food preparation, nor serve guests.
  • Alcoholic beverages and smoking are not permitted in the WOW Children’s Garden.


In an effort to better function as an advocate for environmental stewardship, we ask that all of our birthday parties adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Single-use plastics including, but not limited to: dining utensils, plates, cups, as well as all forms of Styrofoam, are prohibited on campus.
  • Where disposables are necessary, please try to use biodegradable materials only. This includes the use of paper-based plates, cups, and napkins. Biodegradable plastic or wooden flatware is advised.
  • Recycling and trash receptacles are provided in the rental space. Please ensure that your party attendees are using the proper bins when disposing of items.
    • Items that can be recycled: aluminum cans/bakeware/foil, steel and tin cans, clear, brown, or green glass, plastics (clean), cardboard, magazines/newspapers, office paper, paperboard (ex. cereal boxes), and mixed paper.
    • Items that cannot be recycled: used napkins, tissue paper, paper towels, wax paper, wrapping paper, cardboard lined with plastic (i.e. bubble wrap boxes), waxed/waterproof cardboard, metal and cardboard containers, mirror glass, window glass, ceramic, crystal, plastic” baggies”, plastic tableware, Styrofoam containers, and plastic bottle caps.
  • Please let us know if you have any questions about the products that we prefer to be utilized in the Garden.