View of the original Visitors Center (now the Administration Building on the left), main parking area and Cafe (on the right). Circa 1970

Entrance to the Garden from Azalea Garden Road circa 1976.

WPA workers in the original garden – photo courtesy Norfolk Public Library.

The WPA and employed 200 local African American women and 20 African American men to create a new botanical garden for the City of Norfolk, Virginia. Circa 1938

The first International Azalea Festival was held in 1954 as Norfolk’s official salute to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

Installation of the fountain in front of the Baker Hall Visitor Center. Circa 1996

The Second Annual New Year’s Day fun run 2015. Photo credit Nathan Miller/Sparks Photography.

Outdoor exhibit Storybook Forest “Alice in Wonderland” playhouse. Summer 2010

Get lost be aMAZED outdoor exhibit. Summer 2011

Opening Day April 4, 1963. Photo courtesy of the Virginia-Pilot.

Inside the Summer Butterfly House. Summer 2010

Seasonal boat tour. Summer 2017

The Garden cafe (also known as The Teahouse) 1963. Photo courtesy of the Virginia-Pilot.

Construction of the original cobblestone bridge. Circa 1960

View of Le Jardin garden from across the renovated canal. 2021

Outdoor exhibit Fabulous Flamingos in NATO Vista. Summer 2020

Outdoor exhibit LanternAsia. Summer 2018

In 1964, Treasure Island was a drama/tour that took guests out onto the lake and to an island where a skit based on the Robert Louis Stevenson novel was performed.

Cast members of the drama/tour Treasure Island walk the plank. Circa 1967

The renovated NATO Tower features a river of rocks to address water runoff. 2022

Several styles of trams have been used throughout the years. This is a tram from the year 2001.

Bird’s-eye view of NATO Vista in the fall of 1962.

Outdoor exhibit Washed Ashore – Art to Save the Sea on display in the Enchanted Forest. Summer 2021

Statuary Vista in April of 1963.

Outdoor exhibit Voyage of Discovery in the summer of 2016.

Original WPA worker Mrs. Mary Ferguson (1919—2017) was honored at the WPA Garden Heritage Celebration in 2013.

The World of Wonders (WOW) Children’s garden opened in September of 2006.

The bronze sculpture, Breaking Ground was created by Kathleen Farrell and represents that period in the WPA Memorial Garden. On the base of the sculpture is a line from a poem written by Miss Gracie Anthony, the daughter of one of the original workers, Josephine Hopkins.

Our amazing rose garden was featured on a USPS Forever stamp in 2020.

Aerial view of the Sara Lee Baker Perennial Garden. Circa 2012

The Dominion Energy Garden of Lights was nominated as one of the best light shows in the country by USA Today 10Best Readers’ Choice 2022.

The original entrance. Circa 1940

Construction of Baker Overlook in 1996.