Backyard Bird Buds Club

Backyard Bird Buds Club

Nature Education Program

Saturday, June 04
All Day

Become a Backyard Bird Bud!

Who can be a member? Nature-loving kids ages 4-12. 

What does registration include? Each club member receives a starter kit with a bird friendly plant and a birdwatching activity. Registration and starter kits are free for each club member; however, they do not include admission to the Garden for non-members to pick up kits or participate in onsite activities. 

What do club members do? Backyard Bird Buds will use their flowers to invite birds to their yards, porches, or other outdoor spaces and record what they see throughout the summer. Each month they will receive an e-newsletter to learn about new digital NBG Nature Quests, WOW Children’s Garden Bird Blitz opportunities, and additional content that will help them connect with the birds that call Hampton Roads home.

How do I register and pick up my plant ? Visit the WOW Children’s Garden (NBG Admission required) June 4, 2022 to pick up a rudbeckia plant and information on family-guided activities you can do to be a Bird Bud.

Participation in activities at the Garden is not required to be a Backyard Bird Bud and the newsletter will include many offsite suggestions. 

Backyard Bird Buds is made possible by the Julian Hady Gary and Margaret Savage Gary Fund of the Hampton Roads Community Foundation

Program Registration Information:

  • NBG Admission is not included with Backyard Bird Buds programs, and attendance is not required at monthly Bird Blitzes to participate in the program.
  • Registrants will receive emails throughout the summer with educational opportunities and information Backyard Bird Buds related programs.