The Garden of Tomorrow Campaign is a bold Vision for the future. Together, we can take this incredible Coastal Virginia landmark to the next level – to be more innovative, more accessible, more ecologically friendly and, yes, even more beautiful.

This vision is boldly made up of the following priorities:

Entry Pavilion & Parking Garden

Guests will enjoy a more enjoyable admission experience. Instead of getting bottlenecked at a tollbooth, Visitors will leisurely drive into the new expanded Parking Garden, replacing our current asphalt-and-concrete lot beside Baker Hall, setting the standard for sustainability through innovative new features including pervious pavement, which will filter rainwater and nourish the garden. The Parking Garden will greet guests with flowers and shade trees, surrounding a water collection pond. The minute you step out of your vehicle, you instantly step into the garden experience.

Guests will proceed to the admissions area inside the pavilion. The pavilion will have a new contemporary architectural design with glass walls to bring the outdoors inside. It will feature a new ticket counter where staff will have the opportunity to interact with multiple people simultaneously, offering a warm welcome, answering questions and promoting NBG membership.


Explore the stunning biodiversity of four separate biomes housed in the new state-of-the-art Conservatory, where a tropical rainforest meets the deserts of Arizona. The 26,000+ sq. feet will focus on conservation, which will include some of the most threatened species in the world. This unique space will also be available as a rental space for events.

The second-story indoor and outdoor elevated skywalk provides aerial views of the tropical rainforest biome, leading outdoors to a viewing platform overlooking the largest rose garden on the East Coast.

Water Education & Rowing Center:

This architecturally stunning structure will sit along the waterfront near the entrance to the Garden, serving as both a state-of-the-art educational venue and a regional hub for regattas. The Center will make a meaningful impact on the environment through practicing and promoting conservation. We will reach more schoolchildren, increase support for local rowing programs and introduce the next generation to Norfolk Botanical Garden.

Be a part of the Garden of Tomorrow

Contact Cathy Fitzgerald, VP of Operations & Development at 757-441-5830 ext 319