A long time Hampton Roads resident, Angie VanDyke is a sculptor and 3D artist working primarily with found and reclaimed objects. Angie enjoys creating unique pieces and rarely makes the same type of object twice. Using metal, wood, paper or plastic, she often selects a material first and then decides what to create. As this process is unusual for most artists, the end result is often different from the original plan and requires problem solving throughout the build. As Angie is equally logical and creative, she always looks forward to both the process and the final result.

Angie began using salvaged, found and recycled objects to prove that creating art does not need to be expensive or unfriendly to the environment. Using recycled materials – primarily salvaged wood, metal and plastic – limits useable items from being added to landfills.  She has made large metal garden sculptures, reclaimed wood furniture, delicate origami chandeliers, silver jewelry.

Steampunk Bike In Miniature is an industrial themed kinetic device that attempts to inspire kids and adults to think about creating or modifying objects in a beautiful, logical or weird way.