Guided and Self-Guided Programs

Book a Girl Scout Troop visit to Norfolk Botanical Garden! We feature a variety of opportunities for many of the different Scout age levels. Program options include our Explore NBG Patch (GSCCC Partner Patch), Brownie Bug Badge, Junior Flower Badge, Shapes in Nature Badges, and the Outdoor Art Badges! All of our guided programs include the corresponding program patch or badge.

All Scout programs must be registered through NBG. Girl Scouts will not be permitted to receive the group rate or program materials without a scheduled reservation. Scouts will be provided their work materials and a badge or patch upon check in. At that time, they will be able to explore the Garden, and complete the required activities. If a guided program is booked, a Youth Educator will lead the group on an approximately hour and a half tour.


  • Guided Programs: $20/Girl Scout, $14/Troop Leader, additional chaperones, and sibling tag-alongs.
  • Self-Guided Program (Explore NBG Patch Only): $16/Girl Scout, $14/Troop Leader, additional chaperones, and sibling tag-alongs.
  • NBG Member are able to use their memberships to cover their Troop Leader, adult chaperone, and/or sibling tag-along fees. Even if a member of the Garden, the Scout fee must be paid to receive the program materials and patch or badge.
  • A $50 deposit is required at the time of booking for all Scout programs.

Program times are available at any point during the week. Self-guided visits must be booked at least a week in advance, with guided visits require booking at least three weeks in advance of the intended visit date. All program rates include Garden admission.

To book a Girl Scout program, or for more information on options for your Scout or Troop, give us a call at (757) 441-5830 ext.463, or email us

Bridging Ceremony

Schedule your group to complete our Explore NBG Patch requirements, choose one of our many garden bridges for your Scouts to complete their bridging ceremony, then round out your event with a private rental in a WOW Children’s Garden classroom to celebrate!

Pricing for Full Bridging Ceremony Package: Pricing starts at $275 for up to 25 total attendants (includes Scouts, all adult attendants, and any sibling tag-alongs). Price includes Garden admission for all attendants, and a one-hour classroom rental in the WOW Children’s Garden. Pricing for the Explore NBG Patch self-guided activities is $5/scout. Add up to 10 additional guests or Scouts to your rental (35 total attendants) for $75. Add an additional 30 minutes to your rental for $50.

Don’t want to include a classroom rental as part of your celebration? No problem! Girl Scout troops can book the self-guided Explore NBG Patch program (patch included), and then complete their bridging ceremony as part of the program. 

Explore NBG Patch – Take Action Activities

While our Girl Scout Explore NBG Patch program must be completed “in house”, there are still program requirements that Scouts have to complete at home. Review the patch requirements HERE, and then review the list of Take Action activities below. At least one Take Action activity must be completed to earn the Explore NBG Patch, but we encourage Scouts to give them all a try! Once you are able to visit the Garden with your troop or as an individual, you can complete the remaining needed Discover and Connect requirements to earn the patch.

Take Action Activities:

  • Research jobs in wildlife or horticulture that can be found in Virginia (Wildlife Biologist, Gardener, Botanist, etc.). Choose your favorite career, and investigate the education and training needed to achieve this position.
  • Record the items that go into your family garbage can for one week. Record which items could be recycled (and then recycle them), or which items could be added to compost. After a week, separate the items into three lists, and discuss with your family ways to reduce the amount of trash created. Put a plan into action to reduce your impact on the environment.
  • Track how many steps you take in a day with a pedometer or Fitbit. Research the recommended number of steps per day for a healthy adult. Using the Norfolk Botanical Garden map, create a route that would satisfy this daily requirement.
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