This summer, turn your school schedule into nature activities in the WOW Children’s Garden. Pick up a “School’s Out, Nature’s In” schedule and find activities throughout WOW.

  • Pollinator Playground- Global Gateway; Watch pollinators in action using an ID guide.
  • Consumer Sciences- Discovery Peak; Find the ingredients for a pizza.
  • Math- Discovery Peak;- Identify the parts of different plants and use instruments of measurement with them.
  • Music- Discovery Peak; Sing a song using animal calls.
  • Quiz Bowl- Discovery Peak; Challenge your friends and family to a nature quiz bowl.
  • Science: Botany 101- Woodland Passport Garden; Practice sounding out scientific names for plants.
  • Art- Russian– Taiga Passport Garden; Using the natural items in this area, build a small home for one of our toy animals.
  • STEM Science, Technology, Engineering, Math African Passport Garden; Test whether different seeds travel best by wind, water or attachment.
  • Language Arts- Rainforest Passport Garden; Use word and picture rocks to write a rainforest story.
  • Science: Botany 201– Rainforest Passport Garden; Look for plants with leaves that are adapted for the rainforest.
  • Carnivorous Cafeteria- Australian Passport Garden; Learn about carnivorous plants.
  • Detention- Green Meanies- Australian Passport Garden; Learn about plants that are invasive, toxic, or have defensive structures to deter predators.
  • History “Old School”- Mediterranean Chaparral; Learn about plants’ roles in ancient mythology, literature and culture.
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