NBG Homeschool Resources

Welcome to the NBG Homeschool Resources page! Our Youth Education staff have put together lists of the resources we use when planning our Homeschool in the Garden series, as well as our other youth and family programs. While we are unable to host these programs at the Garden at this time, we want to provide these “learning in place” resources to encourage environmental education and related activities at home.

This page also includes links to various Citizen Science projects. By participating in one or more Citizen Science programs, you can locally contribute to scientific research and studies to make a global impact.

For additional nature and science-based activities for children and families to complete at home, visit our Backyard Explorers page HERE. For additional activities to complete at home, we also encourage you to join our Facebook page at NBG Youth & Family Programs! We can also be reached by email at youthed@nbgs.org.

Books (with Amazon links):

Book Recommendations for Parents:

Free Online Resources:

Citizen Science

Interested in participating in scientific research? Check out the following Citizen Science collaboration opportunities! All of the following projects can additionally be found on the SciStarter website. For some of these projects, you will be encouraged to create a SciStarter account. You can also purchase a copy of The Field Guide to Citizen Science for a comprehensive list of projects – click here or on the book image for the Amazon link.

Bud Burst – help scientists by observing seasonal changes in plants.

Bumble Bee Watch – help track North America’s bumble bees.

Celebrate Urban Birds – help ornithologists learn about urban birds.

CoCoRaHS (Community Collaborative Rain, Hail, and Snow Network) – provide weather data to meteorologists.

eBird – collect, archive, and search bird observations.

The Great Sunflower Project – identify where pollinators are declining and improve habitats.

iNaturalist – contribute to the global database of biodiversity data.

NestWatch – help scientists monitor North America’s nesting birds.

Project FeederWatch – monitor backyard feeder birds.

Project Squirrel – help scientists better understand tree squirrel ecology.

What’s in Your Backyard? – assist with the discovery of life-saving antibiotics.

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