This summer in the WOW Children’s Garden, explore the habitats of plants,
animals and people.

See plants growing in our garden that are uniquely adapted to live in their environments around the world. From the driest deserts to the wettest rainforests, living things have unique ways to find food, water and shelter. Travel through diverse biomes in our Passport Gardens to see examples of flora and fauna that simply could not live without each other.

Children will also consider the idea of their “home” as a habitat, and the roles that plants play within. From fashion to food to furniture, plants keep us healthy and happy. In our Discovery Peak garden, see plants growing that impact our daily lives.

By seeing how plants, animals and people are connected with their habitats, families will consider more of the ways that living things rely on the balance of resources to survive. The programs and activities encourage them to take actions for conservation and adopt practices that promote a healthy habitats and homes for all living things.

NBG Youth Educators and our teen “Leaders in Training” volunteers will provide learning stations throughout WOW, with activities set to change often. Children can collect stamps with a habitat game, earn beads as they learn at education stations, and create eco-friendly art. Families will climb into our “treehouse” and join a Storytime that will take you into the tiniest and tallest of places. The possibilities for learning, exploring and imagining are endless with Hip Habitats & Happening Homes.

Programs debut on June 14, 2019.

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