Get FUNKY at Norfolk Botanical Garden’s latest shindig – Funky Fungi: Nature’s Curious Creations! This sensational summer exhibit is your VIP pass to the magical realm of mushrooms and their eco-awesome importance. From June to September 2024, join the party and let the funky vibes guide you through a wild journey of mushroom madness. Giant sculptures and mind-blowing info panels will spill the beans on the wild relationships between mushrooms and plants, the vital role of fungi in nutrient cycling and how they throw the raddest parties in ecosystems. Get ready to disco with the small but mighty superheroes of nature!

Wonderful World of Fungi

Get ready to dive into the fantastic and funky world of fungi! Our super fun, interactive signs will guide you on an exciting journey through the life cycle of these amazing organisms. Discover how fungi grow, learn about their fascinating functions and uncover their incredible powers that benefit our world. Get ready to be amazed by the wonders of the fungal kingdom!

Fungi turned into Art

Garden staff and our community partners are working hard to create the “Sensational Seven Mushrooms” for our funky exhibit. Learn some fun facts about these seven mushrooms that are going to be placed within our Enchanted Forest this summer.

Amanita muscaria

Commonly known as the fly agaric, it’s an eye-catching and iconic mushroom characterized by its bright red cap adorned with white spots.

Armillaria tabescens

Commonly known as the ringless honey mushroom, is characterized by its honey-colored cap and lack of a ring on the stem.

Calvatia gigantea

Commonly known as the giant puffball, is an impressive species of fungus renowned for its enormous size and distinctive appearance.

Pseudocolus fusiformis

It belongs to the stinkhorn family and is characterized by its elongated, tentacle-like structures that emerge from a gelatinous egg-shaped structure.


Coral fungi encompass a diverse group of mushrooms characterized by their branching, coral-like structures.


Commonly known as “bird’s nest fungi,” this fascinating genus of fungi are characterized by their unique appearance resembling tiny bird nests.


Commonly known as the sulfur shelf or chicken of the woods, it’s a vibrant orange or yellow bracket fungus with a shelf-like appearance.

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A massive shoutout to our groovy sponsor who made Norfolk Botanical Garden’s “Funky Fungi” summer exhibit an absolute blast! Thanks to your generosity, our visitors experienced a fungi-fueled adventure and together we cultivated a summer of funk that will be remembered for spore-ever!

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