SOLD OUT Winter Solstice Sound Bath

SOLD OUT Winter Solstice Sound Bath

with Instructor Kayce Laine

Tuesday, December 21
11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Give your cells and brain waves a massage! Kayce will guide the group through gentle movement and a brief, relaxing meditation followed by a sound bath using crystal singing bowls, a Tibetan practitioner bowl, gong and thete chimes. The frequencies from this sound bath penetrate your body and energetic field to break up stagnant energy and harmonize with your body’s natural vibrations and the crystal singing bowls correlate with the body’s seven main chakras to realign your body and relax your mind. During this treatment, there is nothing for you to do but breathe and experience a soothing journey through sound.


$10 ($15 for not-yet-members)

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