VSLD: Stormwater Management

VSLD: Stormwater Management

Calculation & Aesthetics

Saturday, February 02
9:00 am - 3:00 pm

What do you do with too much water, too quickly?  How much water is your site getting?  How do you manage all that water with grace and beauty?

Rain Gardens and other small-scale stormwater best management practices (BMPs) pose two major challenges in their design:  knowing how much water the site must handle, and managing that water while still looking attractive.

The Virginia Society of Landscape Designers invites designers and other green industry professionals to participate in a day of lecture and guided exercises exploring the aesthetics and site analysis behind successful small-scale stormwater BMPs.


Dr. Eliza Pennypacker,
Dr. Stuart Echols
Keynote speakers; The Aesthetics of Stormwater Management
Chris Sonne Calculating Stormwater In-Flow
Virginia Rockwell Tools for Analyzing Soils in the Field


In addition, those registering for the February 2 seminar are invited to participate in a tour (on Friday, February 1, before the seminar) of a rain garden which will be used in exercises offered during the seminar.  Registrants will receive more information upon registration.

Social to follow rain garden tour on Feb. 1 included with registration

Boxed lunch and light breakfast provided on Feb. 2 with registration