Tidewater Orchid Society Show & Sale

Friday, Saturday & Sunday

Friday, March 18
9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Pink Orchid

Don’t miss this year’s Orchid Show & Sale.

Friday, Saturday & Sunday

Plant Sale is from 9am to 4pm
Show is from 10am to 3pm 

Speaker: Trey Sanders

Trey Sanders was born and raised in Australia and relocated to the United Kingdom (England) in his early 20s. Nor firmly settled in the UK, Trey has amasses a large orchid collection in three greenhouses. Trey mostly grows Pleurothallids, Coelogyne, some Angraecoids and his favorite genus, Dendrochilum. Trey has ambitions of having the world’s largest private collection of Dendrochilum (he may already have it). The Dendrochilum collection currently contains about 400 plants, 59 different species, many unidentified and five species yet to be described.

Trey set up the website www.dendrochilum.com back in 2009 as a digital and modern enumeration of the whole genus. Trey had the support and backing from many scientists and herbaria globally. The website is currently being rewritten with even more interesting articles being added. The current project Trey is working on besides the website is writing field guides and distribution maps for the genus for use in the wild, a task not yet undertaken in other genera. Trey sells orchids as a side business to help fund orchid interests and travels around the world looking for them.

Trey is presenting “The Genus Dendrochilum” and “Orchid hunting in Sumatra’s Cold Forests” on Saturday and Sunday at 2pm in the Holly Room.

While you are here visit the Garden’s Tropical Display House where you will find lots of tropical beauties including blooming orchids.

Free with Garden admission.

Please bring a refillable container for use at the cold, filtered-water refilling stations located throughout the Garden.  MORE INFO