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THANK YOU to ALL our Community Designers/Builders!

Norfolk Botanical Garden is currently hosting 60+, original, whimsical and one-of a kind-birdhouses. The Beakitecture community will be on  display during the summer of 2023. From the tiniest house to larger-than-life human-sized birdhouses, the Enchanted Forest (one of the most visited locations for our over 14,000 Garden Members and daily admission guests) will be home to these community-based creations.

Builders, Architects, Organizations, Local Artists, Students and Individuals! Beakitecture has been created by EVERYONE in the local community.

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BEAKitecture Now Open!

June 3rd – September 30th

Look who’s building

  • “HOME TWEET HOME” presented by Norfolk Botanical Garden Horticulture Department 
  • Dills Architects
  • “Athena’s Rest” presented by Virginia Beach Friends School with VBFS Students early, lower and middle school 
  • Coastal Design Group with Jeff, Peter & Philip Wells
  • “Bluebirds Boathouse” presented by Tidewater Wooden Boat Workshop with Emily and Eleanor Stephenson 
  • “Home Tweet Home” presented by HARDLUG (Hampton Roads Lego Users Group)
  • “IKEA Fagelhuset” presented by IKEA Norfolk 
  • “Stained Glass Bird House” presented by D’Art Center with Bobby LeBrun
  • “Owl Pacino’s B&B” presented by Hammerhead Lincoln with J Frank Cole, Krissie Cole, Seth Hugenroth and Kyle Hugenroth
  • “The Bird RRooMM” presented by RRMM Architects with Mike Smith, Valerie Smith, Willie Parks, Bobby Sharon
  • US Navy NAVFAC with Peter Glade and Caleb Hurley
  • “Reticulated Retreat” presented by Tymoff & Moss Architects with Lizzie Rothrock, Caroline Stacks, Jason Ballas and Tripp Armstrong
  • “Birds Eye View Beach House” presented by Crafters of Kitty Hawk with Roy Ward & Dahl Clark
  • “The Kitty Bus” presented by Izzyarniedoart with Arianna & Izzy Anderson
  • “Whimsical Bird House” presented by Wanderlust Gallery with Chris Jeanguenat
  • “Air B&B” presented by Tiny House Pottery with Sharla Cotton
  • “Lovey Dovey” presented by Ande Holbrook with Norfolk Botanical Garden
  • Addie Roark, Emelie Zueger, Nate Cody with Norfolk Botanical Garden
  • “The St. Francis Bird Resort” presented by Lisa Melita Stoneware with Lisa Melita
  • “Shutter Flutter” presented by DaSyWill.Designs with Dave and Sylvia Williams 
  • ““F”loch-Meadow” Kindergarten Class Colony” presented by Loch-Meadow Elementary Kindergarten Class with Charlotte, Edmund, John, Mackenzie, Mason, Olive, Emma, Owen, Vanne, Josiah
  • Garden Club of Norfolk with Katherine Renfrew, Susan Burdy, Mary Cherry, and Jean Mercer
  • “Enchanted Forest” presented by Missoula School of Hot Glass with Julia Rogers and Lyncia Berry
  • “Buzzing Hive of Birdhouses!” & “Old Apartments for Feathered Friends” &  “Crusty Old House” presented by Cubitts Creek with Tom Kelly 
  • “In Honor of 757Makerspace” presented by Lx3 with Linda Parks
  • “Hoo-h’HOO-hoo-hoo” presented by Elizabeth River Project with Mary Bennett
  • “Rainbow Retreat” presented by Girl Scout Troop #223 with Aniya Baker, Azaria Baker, Abby Byrne, Kai Dixon, Velina Dimitrova, Piper Farrell, Kacey Farrell, Phobe Gray, Destiny Joyner, Kaliope Miller, Daisy Roberts
  • “Blue Ridge Blossums “Sunrise of Peach Blossum and Spring Flowers” presented by Dannie Beebe 
  • “Mock & Birds” presented by Mane Events Mobile Beverage Services with Robert Kimener
  • “Pineapple Sunshine Birdhouse” presented by East Beach Catering with Chelsea Browne, George Browne, and Dustin Conner
  • Birdwell By The Bay” presented by City of Norfolk – General Services – Facilities Maintenance with Richard O. Meyers II and Daryl Reid
  • “Free Indeed” presented by New Harvest Christian with Dave Rogers, Gracelyn Smoak, Samuel Russell, Alexis Bouton, Kaylee Chapdelaine, Lillian Smoak, Liam Traver, Jude Brown, Katherine Cattrell, Landry Dalton, Precious Ferrara, Evan Bouton, Garrett Messinger, Dave Rogers, Jude Suzio, Amelia Traver, Eva Williams, Ephraim Flick, Sharla Cotton, Chani Rogers, Mindy Suzio
  • “The “Narrow Escape”” presented by Salty Sea Ceramics with Deb Anderson
  • Village Studio Arts with Camille Donne
  • Joe Skertic, Liam Skertic, Elizabeth Skertic, Luke Skertic, Madilynn Skertic, and Pamela Ritsch
  • Sarah Thompson
  • “Beach Sand Castle” presented by Reclaimed Material Friends with Gail Herrick, Greg Wilson, Alyssa Schroop, Pat Dryer, and Pam Oksman
  • “Our Garden House” presented by Backyard Hobbyist with Donnie & Beckie Haugh
  • “The Pour House” & “Birdin’ Paradise” presented by Drake Petterson and Kaitlyn Shea
  • “Not The Best Nest” presented by Corey Wilkins, Ben Wilkins, Jeff Wilkins, and Elisabeth Wilkins
  • “Be The Change You Want to See! ” presented by Kristi Bailey Chris Bailey, Darrel Chapman
  • “Candy Machine Condo’s” presented by Frances Buckley
  • “Bluebird of Happiness” presented by Tom and Janet Kerns
  • “Birdie Duplex” presented by Jean Muehlene
  • “The Little House of New Life” presented by Sophie, Madelyn, Michelle, and James O’Connor
  • “Rock-A-Bye Birdie” presented by Chloe, Julie, and Jesse Daw
  • “Red Light, Green Light, 1-2-3!” presented by Julia Farrell
  • “Tardis for the Birds” presented by June Ritchie, Jessica Ritchie, Jane Ritchie, and Kevin Joyce
  • “Inside Out” presented by Nicole Marlowe with Norfolk Botanical Garden
  • ” East Beak” presented by Ray Davis with Norfolk Botanical Garden
  • “Home Tweet Home” presented by Ava Squires
  • “Nest Stop” presented by Patricia Isenhour
  • “Bird Hacienda” & “Birdhouse of Worship” presented by Barbara Kobylinska
  • “Stalactite” presented by Alex Erving & David Smith
  • “TAKE ME TO YOUR FEEDER” presented by Richard Dooling