Calling ALL Community Designers/Builders!

Norfolk Botanical Garden is looking for fun, original, whimsical and one-of a kind-birdhouses for a Beakitecture community during the summer of 2023. From the tiniest house to larger-than-life human-sized birdhouses, the Enchanted Forest (one of the most visited locations for our over 14,000 Garden Members and daily admission guests) will be home to these community-based creations.

Builders, Architects, Organizations, Local Artists, Students and Individuals! Beakitecture is open to EVERYONE in the local community. Teaming up with others in your company, or network is highly recommended. Join this team-building activity and together show off your amazing talent in the largest Botanical Garden in Virginia!

You do NOT have to be a professional or work with a business to be a part of this exciting event. Students, individuals and groups are all welcome to participate. Read the attached guidelines to learn more about how houses will be selected and how to submit your design.

Have an idea? Build with friends, family, classmates, co-workers, or create your very own piece. Anyone can be a part of Beakitecture — we can’t wait to see your entry!


  • NBG Horticulture Department
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March 17:           Entry Forms Due
March 31:           Design Approval
April – May:       Construction
May 31:              Delivery Begins
June 3:               Exhibit Opening
Sept 30:             Exhibit Closes

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Display Guidelines:

    • Each participant should complete an entry form. All entry forms should be received by March 17, 2023. You will receive approval of submission not later than March 31, 2023 to start construction on your birdhouse.
    • Birdhouses should be creative, safe, sturdy, attractive in appearance and in good taste. They should be constructed to withstand outside conditions. There is no size restriction, however, you need to provide transportation of your birdhouse to and from the Garden.
    • Birdhouses need to be completed and placed in the Garden not later than May 31, 2023.
    • Deliveries need to be coordinated through our Events Manager, Chris Barco. Entry into the Garden is available from 8am – 5pm daily.
    • When constructing your birdhouse, please be aware that kids and/or birds might try to get in or on top of the houses. A safe and sturdy design is required. Birdhouses are made for display purposes and not for housing actual birds. NBG reserves the right to decline, remove or repair any birdhouse that does not meet our safety or appearance standards. NBG is not responsible for any loss or damage to bird houses while on display.
    • You can choose whether or not you want your birdhouse to be returned to you. Pick-ups will need to be made starting October 1, 2023. NBG does not provide transportation.
    • Birdhouses that are left beyond the date of October 7, 2023 will be disposed of at the discretion of NBG.

Please contact for an entry form and/or more information,
or download an entry form here: beakitecture-application-packet

Due to construction and LIMITED PARKING, we are requiring TIMED-ENTRY-TICKETING for ALL visitors  Learn More