Year of the Tomato and Zinnia

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Zinnia 'Swizzle' by Don BumaThe National Garden Bureau has recently announced that 2011 is the Year of the Tomato for vegetables and the Year of the Zinnia for flowers.

Each year since 1982, the National Garden Bureau has selected a flower and a vegetable for its “Year of the” program.  Selection is based on the ease of growth of the plants as well as country-wide adaptability.  They are also generally very versatile and can be grown in borders, mixed plantings, and containers.

For additional information about tomatoes and zinnias, including nomenclature, history, culture and use, go to the following National Garden Bureau websites.  The sites for tomatoes and zinnias also have dozens of photos that show various hybrids and cultivars.

Did you know?   Hernán Cortés and his explorers are credited with finding the tomato in an Aztec market around 1520 and transporting the seed to Spain. From there, the tomato traveled throughout Europe and across the channel to England.