Video Blog – Daphne

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Daphne provides a little bit of heaven in the winter

2 Responses to “Video Blog – Daphne”

  1. Terry

    I had a winter Daphne for several years and then it died suddenly. There is one at my Mom’s home that I am selling and I would like to try to move it to my house. When is the best time to attempt this?

  2. NBG

    Even if Daphne has all the right conditions to thrive, sometimes they will just up and die for no apparent reason. Gardeners half jokingly refer this as Sudden Daphne Death Syndrome. Just to be sure, check your soil to see if it has good drainage. As to moving the plant, the best time would be mid to late fall, but if your mother’s house is going to be sold soon, don’t wait, go ahead and get it moved before the temperatures warm any further. Beware though, Daphne resents being disturbed, so there is a good chance the transplant will not be successful no matter what time of year it is.

    Les Parks