Summer Vacation For Houseplants

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Cordyline 'Chocolate Queen'Have you ever considered giving your houseplants a “summer vacation”?  It can be quite beneficial for many houseplants to be set outside for the summer.  This enables them to recover from the low light levels and often hot, dry air that they experienced during the winter months.

Once the night temperatures stay consistently above 55 degrees F, it is safe to place them outside. Select a location that has light or dappled shade and is protected from the wind.  The closer they are to an outside faucet the easier they will be to maintain also.  A deck, porch or a location that receives shade from trees or buildings is very suitable.

Do not put them in full sun.  This will cause the leaves to “sunburn” because they have become accustomed to low light conditions inside. If you are putting them out in the yard you might also want to consider sinking the pots into the ground.  This will help moderate root temperatures and also reduce the frequency that you will need to water.

Houseplants placed outside often flourish beyond expectations.  And, the small plant you set out in the Spring often grows well beyond what it was accustomed to, and size-suited for, in the bedroom or living room when you bring it in come Fall.