Spring-Flowering Bulbs

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Have you seen any daffodils in bloom yet?  There are the occasional one here and there, most likely the cultivar February Gold.  It is in bloom in several locations in the Garden – though the recent snow has pretty well hidden them for the time being. 

You should be preparing to fertilizer spring-blossoming bulbs in the next few weeks.  Use a 10-10-10 fertilizer with a rounded teaspoon applied per square foot.  The best time to fertilize them is when foliage emerges, as this is when the roots become active.  In the past, it was customary to fertilize bulbs when they bloomed or shortly afterwards.  However, this is pretty much wasting your efforts and the fertilizer, as far as the bulbs are concerned.  This is because bulb roots start to die at flowering.

The fertilizer that is applied this year helps to promote blossom development for the next year’s bloom.  For good bloom the following year be sure to leave all the foliage on the plants until it dies naturally.  The photosynthesis that takes place while this foliage is still green also helps to nourish the flower being formed for next year.