Snow Daze

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SRenaissance Courtnow last week.  Snow on the way.  After years of almost no white stuff falling from the sky, the Garden is in a snow daze.  The winter weather is unusual, but not unwelcome as far as I am concerned.  Snow is a pretty good insulator for many plants and it makes the Garden very beautiful.  Since I am so dazed, I won’t say much this week but share some images to remember.

When the snow covers the ground it throws the Garden into a completely new light – literally. The reflective light adds a new dimension to scenes seen thousands of times before.  The calm lions normally spitting water in Renaissance Court look like frozen victims of the WBald Cypress knees in snowhite Witch of Narnia.  Usually a prominent feature of the Colonial Garden, the white gazebo now blends in nicely with the landscape.

Instead of a dark background of green or brown, the white palette forces the eye to see things in a new way.  Branches of trees, like weeping cherry, crepe myrtles or Japanese maples stand out in a new way.  The contorted branch bending over a bench at Mirror Lake frames a bench and the icy lake very nicely.  The knees of a bald cypress may not shiver, but they make for a fascinating display.

Bird track in snowFinally the snow reminds us that so many other creatures live in the Garden.  Animal tracks crisscross or run parallel down paths.  Footprints of foxes, raccoons, rabbits and a variety of birds can be found throughout the Garden.  A good imagination will create stories for each footprint seen.

So don’t fret the snow and instead enjoy the newness it brings.  Hopefully it will bring you to the Garden one winter day.

Weeping cherry in the arboretum






Colonial Garden in the snow NATO Vista
Animal tracks Bench at Mirror Lake
Bird tracks in WOW Japanese maples
Sarah Lee Baker Perennial Garden