NBG Express 2017 FAQ

Join us this year for the “NBG Express”   Have Questions? We have an answer.

What is the NBG Express?

The “NBG Express” is a holiday tram ride through the Dominion Energy Garden of Lights.

When does registration begin?

Registration is now open.

How do I register?

NBG Express registrations are online or in person only. If you have issues with your online registration, call 441-5830 x463 or email youthed@nbgs.org. To register in person, visit the front desk at the Baker Hall Visitor Center. Non-members will have to purchase admission to register in person.

I’m having trouble registering online and/or my member discount isn’t working. What can I do?

Make sure your email address matches the address on your membership account. Your membership discount will post after you have placed the tickets in your cart. Call 441-5830 x463 if you need assistance.

What is the difference between NBG Express Tram Ride Only and NBG Express Deluxe?

NBG Express Tram ride includes only a ticket to ride a tram through the Dominion Energy Garden of Lights. You will have the opportunity to purchase refreshments for an additional fee and to visit our Gift Shop. Santa DOES NOT attend the NBG Express Tram Ride Only.

NBG Express Deluxe includes an hour inside a classroom followed by a tram ride through the Dominion Energy Garden of Lights. In the classroom, your family will make a holiday ornament, and listen to a reading of The NBG Express and visit with Santa. Refreshments are not included this year, but you may purchase them for an additional fee.

Who needs a ticket?

Anyone age 2 and over must have a ticket. Children 0-23 months do not need a ticket. Tickets are not person-specific and do not need to be registered to individuals.

What if it rains or I need to cancel my tickets for family illness?

NBG Express Trams run unless there is extremely inclement weather. We do not offer refunds for tickets. Tickets are transferable to other parties. In some cases we will allow your family to drive through the lights instead of ride the tram, but only on the night you are scheduled to ride the NBG Express. If Norfolk Botanical Garden closes, the NBG Express will be cancelled.

Do I have to include the name of everyone in my party? Are tickets transferable?

You do not need to include the name of every one in your party. When you arrive at the Garden, one member of your party can pick up tickets at the check-in desk. If your entire party has to cancel and you would like to give your tickets to another party, forward them the email with the tickets or print the tickets for them. All tickets are date-specific and can only be used once.

How many tickets can I purchase?

You may purchase as many tickets as are available. Members may receive a discount on up to 6 tickets. If you are unable to purchase the full number of tickets for your party on the same time and session, that session may not have enough seats available. Please do not complete an online transaction for less than the full number of seats you will need for your entire party.

What is your refund policy?

All refunds incur a 20% processing fee. No refunds issued with less than 5 days-notice. NBG Express tickets are transferable to other parties.

Can I reschedule my tickets?

There is a flat $10 fee per order for any date change. No date changes are permitted with less than a 5-days notice. This event typically sells out, so additional dates are often not available.

How do I board the tram for NBG Express Tram Ride Only?

Check in at the visitor center when you arrive. You will receive passes for the tram and directions to the boarding zone at that time.

Can I drive through the lights on the night I am attending NBG Express?

NBG Express tickets only include seats on the tram. If you would like to also drive through the lights you will have to pay the additional per car fee. In some special circumstances, you may be able to transfer your tickets to drive through the lights ONLY on the night you are scheduled to attend the NBG Express. Ask the staff at check-in if this option is available.