Ornamental Pepper

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An annual that you might want to check out for your garden this coming season is the new Ornamental Pepper ‘Black Olive’, (Capsicum annuum ‘Black Olive’)  It went through nation-wide testing last year in All America Selections trial gardens and was reported as a standout, especially in southern gardens where heat was a major factor.  Based on this and other past testing, it has been awarded the designation of a 2012 AAS Flower Award Winner. It is attractive all season long with lush dark-purple foliage on multi-stemmed, bushy plants that attain a height of from 14” – 24”.  The plant produces purple flowers that are clustered along the stem and result in dark purple/black fruit.  As the season progresses, these fruits mature to a bright red color that contrast nicely with the rest of the plant.  The plants require no staking and grow best in a well-drained soil with full sun exposure.