Oaks have tree-mendous food web benefits

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oak renee wild greenBy Renee Frith
Curator of Woody Plants

How many times have you seen an oak tree and said to yourself, “I love them in someone else’s yard,” or “They are too large” – or best of all – “They are too messy.” Messy, really? Fallen leaves are nature’s free mulch, and who doesn’t like free?

How did we even get to this? We find ourselves at the point where we realize that the balance of our ecosystem is out of alignment, and in some instances, at a tipping point. Discovery, conquest/resettlement and collecting exotic plants for status has opened the floodgates to the introduction of non-native plant species to all parts of the world. As a result, food webs can be negatively impacted. Many exotic species require copious amounts of chemicals to maintain vigor and bloom. These chemicals tip the beneficial insect balance, further disrupting food webs. Read more….