Love and Flowers

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Camellia x 'Valentine's Day'Valentine’s Day is around the corner.  It is a time when lots of guys try to impress the sweethearts in their lives with flowers and candy.  Of course I think flowers are great, but I am not so sure that decapitating a bunch of roses and handing them to your girlfriend is really all that romantic.  That sounds more like a horror story than a love story.   Then I heard a rumor that some radio guy encouraged people to come to the Garden and pick some roses for their girlfriends.  A horrible thought from the rose’s point of view and not so wise for the young paramour – right now our roses aren’t in bloom.

So let me give you guys a little Valentine’s Day advice.  Of course, when you hear my words of wisdom, remember that when it comes to affairs of the heart, I don’t have one.  However, I do have a vascular system so I can be very sappy and ooze charm quite easily.

So what do you do for your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day?  Forget the flashy roses and follow the lead of many of our blooming winter flowers.  As a matter of fact, bring her out to see our winter flowers.  If she is fond of beautiful things, take her to the camellia garden and show her the floral spectacle.  These winter beauties are putting out new buds with each thaw so pink, crimson and white blossoms cover the dark Witch Hazelgreen shrubs.  Don’t forget to find the camellia named Valentine’s Day.

If your sweetie likes fragrance, steer her towards the romantic spot of Baker Overlook.  Right next to this quiet little lookout stands a tall and very fragrant wintersweet.  The pale yellow flowers are a little shriveled now, but the perfume is as sweet as your girl.  Other spots in the Garden have fragrant flowers.  Your honey will like the winter honeysuckle blooming in the Sensory Garden.  It has a yummy smell like fruit loops – just tell her you are loopy over her when you smell this flower.  Or stop in the Winter Garden where the daphne buds are starting to swell.  That flower is so sweet smelling it is just like the nymph chased by Apollo.

Does your girlfriend like jewelry?  Make sure you visit on a really cold day.  Check out the waterways and lake.  Ice crystals clinging to plants or shining on watery surfaces are dazzlingly brilliant.  Or stop along the causeway on your way out and enjoy a golden sunset over the waters of Lake Whitehurst.

Daffodils in FebruaryFinally, just remind your love how truly unique and special she is.  Show her the exotic plants of the Tropical Display house.  Admire the sublime beauty of a witch hazel.  Celebrate her special strengths with the daffodils starting to bloom along the canal bank.  Many people assume they are blooming too early, but this is a precocious variety that always blooms in January and February.  Your valentine is just as special.

So guys, bring your gals to see the special flowers of winter.   Don’t be a sap-thirsty cave man and give her cut flowers.  Give her the real deal – us flowers growing in the Garden (and maybe a Garden membership).  See you soon.


Dedicated to the sweetest flower of all – Mrs. Dandy Lion.