Halloween Comes Early

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What a scary couple of weeks!  A couple of  Saturdays ago, I was all set to enjoy a nice relaxing birthday.  All of a sudden there came a huge crowd of people for something one of them called a “Pull and Plant” day.  For some folks, Halloween is the time for all things scary, but for someone like me, who is only four inches tall, the words “pull” in connection with plants is enough to send shivers down my stem.  I mean, the gardeners are bad enough, but now they went and recruited volunteers to help them.  That is so sadistic!

Needless to say, I had to find a place where no seasonal plantings were.  The pull and plant was all about changing out display gardens and I had no plans of being a flower that was pulled out.  Being near Baker Overlook, I went and hid under the deciduous hollies in the arboretum.  That worked alright for a few days.  Their leaves are still green and the berries are getting bright red, so it was very colorful and pleasant under there.  The Sparkleberry was especially nice to me and I will come back for a visit during the winter when all her leaves are gone and she’s got just berries on show.  Unfortunately, once the Mutambo exhibit closed, the gardeners started spending more time in that area as they took out the sculptures.  Getting stomped on or a log dropped on me was not something I wanted to have happen, so I had to leave that scary place.

I have settled into the wildflower meadow for now.  At this time of year it is very charming in a subtle way.  Most people get excited about the meadow in the late spring and early summer when sweeps of bright wildflowers are in bloom.  They are very pretty indeed, but at this time of year there is a lot to see as well.  Bold color doesn’t dominate the eye, but the variety really makes up for it.  A plethora of grasses sway in the breeze, creating a sense of gentle motion.  Their browns, tans and greens create a muted backdrop for other flowers.  Bright yellow coreopsis, yellow and orange blanket flower, red salvia, blue/purple eupatorium, white boltonia and aster provide scattered color everywhere you turn.  Here and there are the fading flowers of goldenrod – turning from their former bright yellow to a soft mustard color.  Some of the stars of summer like sunflowers and coneflowers are hanging around, too.  Thier flowers have long faded, but they create architectural interest as their seed pods feed the birds.  All sorts of wildlife hang out here – they know where a happening place is.

So this is the place I belong.  I provide my own subtle flash of color and the pull and planters are not interested in me here.  Perhaps you should see if it is a great place for you too.