Giving Thanks

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This is good time of year to give thanks for all the things we have and I am thankful for lots of things here at the Garden.

Thanks for all the grand trees we have.  They give us shade in the summer, structural beauty in the winter, wonderful fall color and budding hope in the spring.

Thanks for the smaller trees and shrubs.  From them we get another wonderful layer of textures, flowers and colors.  They provide a richness of plant life between the tall trees and the lower lying flowers that makes any garden complete.

Thanks to the many heraceous plants that grace this Garden.  Through their combined efforts, they give us year round color and textures of different flowers and foliage.  It is an ever changing palette that makes the garden alive with growth and change.

Thanks to the many animals that grace this Garden.  From the fox and raccoons to the turtles and frogs, there is a great diversty of life here.  Butterflies and other insects give this place a great buzz that makes everyone want to come check us out.  Statuesque herons and egrets, chattering kingfishers and a myriad of other small birds make this place sing with wonderful life.

A very begrudging thanks to the gardeners that take care of this place.  Their daily love and care of this Garden makes it a great place to live and visit.  If only they would appreciate plants like dandelions, they would have my eternal gratitude.

Thanks to the rest of the staff from educators, custodians, greeters and administrators.  Without them, a Garden visit for our human guests would not be pleasant or even possible.

Thanks to the many volunteers who help this place run.  Volunteers come in all types.  Some come regularly to work in the Garden or offices.  Others help out for special events like Garden of Lights or Grapevine.  Others come to work as a group on a special project, such as “weed whacker” days or storm clean up.  They are all important and incredibly valuable.  I am thankful for all of them, except perhaps the weed whackers.

Thanks to the many supporters of the Garden.  Whether a membership, a donation or even just a yearly visit, their support makes this beautiful place possible.

Thanks to the all our visitors.  Whether they come to see the the spring azaleas, the wonderful children’s garden, a special summer exhibit or even a wedding, they are taking precious time out of their day to come and see the beauties of nature.  We plants really appreciate that and hope they return more often.

Dandy LionA special thanks to all of you who take the time to read this blog.  It isn’t every day that a little dandelion is allowed to write about his life.  I appreciate everyone’s support.  Have a great Thanksgiving.  I know I will – there are no gardeners here that day.