Finding a Secret Garden

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I’ve been sitting here in the Fragrance Garden for a few days.  Raise your hand (or leaf) if you know where that is.  A lot of people don’t know, but it’s been fun watching them discover it.  For the last week and a half, the gardeners have been tearing up the walkway in the boat basin – I heard one of them mention something about “new pavers” – so the path to much of the garden has been rerouted.  At first the detour may seem a little inconvenient since it cuts off a main thoroughfare, but really it gives people a chance to explore some different parts of the garden. The detour sends everyone through the Japanese Garden (where a beautiful Cornelian dogwood is in full bloom) and along an azalea lined path to the Fragrance Garden.  

The Fragrance Garden is an undiscovered gem to many.  Tucked up behind the terrace of the Administration building, many people walk by without ever stopping here.  Another garden on the terrace, the Sunken Garden, is as equally charming and infrequently visited.  Unfortunately, the gardeners do not neglect their duties up here, so I have to keep a sharp eye out for dirty hands and hoes.

Plants are starting to pop out in both gardens.  Hyacinths, evergreen candytuft, daffodils, a camellia and a witchhazel are all in bloom.  A wonderful spring bulb is also starting to bloom now – spring starflower.  I like it because we see eye to eye on many things – mainly because we’re about the same height.  Of course we have our differences, but that makes the friendship so much more interesting.  It has a pale blue, sometimes almost white, face compared to my brilliant yellow.  It is related to the onion and the foliage is thin and strappy with that slight pungent smell, not strong and robust like my leaves.  And of course the worst is that most people love seeing this flower pop up in their lawn but for some reason don’t enjoy it when I grace them with my presence – they are just an excuse to not mow the grass for a few weeks while I seem to be a blight on the quest for the perfect monoculture of green.  I just don’t get it.

Well, I’m going to sit here with my friends and enjoy watching people discover this garden and not worry about those things.  Hope to see you walk by.