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If you would like to submit photos for use on our web site or in our publications such as Bloom and GROW please follow the guidelines below:

Technical Requirements for Photo Submissions:

For publication in Bloom, GROW and other print materials
Size: 1200 x 900 pixels minimum – larger is preferred
Resolution: 300 dpi minimum
File Format: JPEG, TIFF, PSD or RAW

For use on our website
All photos submitted at print publication standards are accepted.
For use only on the web, images should have:
Size: 350 pixels minimum for largest side – larger sizes are accepted
Resolution: 72 dpi or better
File Format: JPEG

Protocol for Naming Digital Photograph Files

For plant photographs filename should be:
Plant name (Latin – genus species cultivar) + photographer’s initials + sequence number
• Camellia japonica ‘Lipstick’ cpm01.jpeg
• Rosa ‘Fourth of July’ ck03.jpeg

For Garden photos filename should be:
Garden location + date (mmddyy) + photographer’s initials + sequence number
• Japanese 081208cpm07.jpeg
• Canal bank 040308ks01.jpeg

For Events & Exhibits filename should be:
Event name + year + photographer’s initials + sequence number
• Grapevine 2009cpm01.jpeg
• Enchanted Storybook Forest 2010ks01.jpeg

For Education Classes/programs filename should be:
Class name (as appears in GROW) + month/year + photographer’s initials + sequence number
• Seeds of Summer 0908ks01.jpeg
• Tai Chi 0709ks05.jpeg

You can submit photos via email. Please include all information listed on the form below: contact information including email address and list of files submitted.

You may also submit photos on CD/DVD. Just drop it off at the Visitor Center front desk, marked “Bloom Editor.”  Please include a copy of the submission form provided in the link below.

Submission Form for Digital Photographs

By submitting photos, the photographer grants Norfolk Botanical Garden permission to use the submitted photographs for non-commercial use. The photographer agrees that Norfolk Botanical Garden may use such photographs for any purpose including, but not limited to, publicity, illustration, advertising, and Web content. This permission is non-exclusive and the photographer retains all rights. Credit will be given to the photographer whenever possible.