Matson Garden

The Matson Perennial Garden is located next to Renaissance Court and the Border Garden. The Garden was created in honor of Pat and Kay Matson, who were known in the Hampton Roads community for bringing new perennials into the area. The Matson Perennial Garden is about a quarter of an acre in size and is filled with new cultivars of the same plants that the Matsons first introduced in the Hampton Roads area and some of the original plants that they donated to Norfolk Botanical Garden. This garden includes both shady and sunny spots, a stream, a dry stack wall and stone pathways. Sweeps of perennials border the canal and smaller plants are tucked into niches along the paved road.

Plants to look for:

Spring: Columbine, Foam-flower, Geranium
Summer: Ginger Lily, Pinapple Lily, Russian Sage, Taro
Fall: Chrysanthemum, Coneflower, Joe-Pye Weed, Stonecrop
Winter: Alexandrian Laurel, Maiden Grass, Rose Acacia