Four Seasons Garden And Wildflower Meadow

This meadow features a mixture of more than 50 species of wildflowers and 10 species of grasses. The area is an outdoor classroom where one can observe wildflowers and the birds and insects they attract. It demonstrates an alternative to traditional high maintenance urban landscaping. Most importantly, the flowers and grasses present a constantly changing vista of natural beauty for those who stroll along its pathways or relax near the flowing fountain in the shade of the gazebo.

Perry E. Morgan donated money for the establishment and maintenance of The Bunny Morgan Memorial Wildflower Meadow, now the Four Seasons Garden, in honor of his late wife, who had long  been a wildflower enthusiast.

 Plants to look for:

 Spring: Five Spot, Poppies, Bachelor’s Button
 Summer: Tickseed, Gayfeather, Sunflower
 Fall: Native Grasses