Homeschool Families in the Garden

Date and Time:
Date(s) - Thursday, October 6th, 2016
10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Join other families to learn about wildlife in the Garden, botany, and more!

Cost: $10/child/day ($15/person not-yet-members) Ages 3-10

*Pricing Note: Unless otherwise indicated, NBG adult Members may attend programs free of charge with a paid child ticket. Not-yet Member pricing includes is per person for both adults and children ages 3+.

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Thursday, September 15
Beneath Your Feet

Soil, Fungi and Worms- Discover the world underground.  Learn the importance of soil and the role of decomposers.  Join us in our Fungus Forest to discuss our mushroom friends and foes, as well as our vermicomposter.

Thursday, September 22
Wet and Wild

Aquatic Plants and Animals- Take a tour with us around the Frog Bog and uncover the wonders of aquatic habitats.  Examine the relationship between water, wetland plants and aquatic animals.  Come prepared to get a little muddy!

Thursday, September 29
Native Ways

The role of Native Plants in the past, present and future- Let’s turn back time and rediscover the culturally significant plants used by the Native Americans and early settlers.  Become explorers of the New World as we go on an adventure of the Native Plant Garden.  Find out why these plants are important to us even to this day!

Thursday, October 6
Those Nutty Trees

Basic Tree ID, Role of Trees in the Environment, special focus on nuts- Red, purple, yellow and orange!—Have you ever wondered which trees transform into your favorite fall colors?  Or why some trees lose their leaves and others stay green?  Let’s identify our favorite fall trees and uncover the mysteries behind their “nutty” behavior.

Thursday, October 13
Biome Blitz

Tour of the Passport Gardens- Let’s take a trip around the globe!  Spend the morning exploring different biomes from around the world in our Passport Gardens.  Learn which plants and animals call each biome home, and how climate influences these inhabitants.

Thursday, October 20
What Can You Do?

Environmental problems our plants face, and possible solutions- Plants today need our help!  Join us in a discussion about the troubles our flora faces today, and help us brainstorm possible solutions.  Use our interactive watershed activity to visualize the cause and effect of different pollution sources.


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