A Healthier You

& Healthy Kids Too

Bon SecoursOur “Healthier You” programs offer you & your family many ways to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Why join a gym with the same old scenery when you can walk, run or bike in our ever-changing 155 acres of outdoor beauty?

Surround Yourself with Nature to Improve Your Health
Yoga in the Garden Dancing in the Garden Walking through the Garden




Get moving

Take Garden Tai Chi, Yoga or Pilates.

Breathe deep

Stop and smell our roses –
it actually lowers blood pressure.

Get off the couch

Take an Eco Tour to see owls, bats or eagles.

Exercise your mind

Learn a new skill; try Garden Art, Floral Design and Garden Gourmet classes.

Tone up

Kayak on beautiful Lake Whitehurst.

Have fun

Learn Line, Zumba or Ballroom Dancing.

Be adventurous

Explore open trails and secluded paths.

Be one with Nature

Take a closer look with Landscape Painting and Photography classes.

Take a hike

Join family & friends to stay fit.

Share time together

Stay connected.

Switch off the video games

Go on a scavenger hunt or Garden Night Adventure.

Bring your bikes, family & friends

Pedal through our 12 miles of paved paths on Bike Nights.

Find the right class for you! View the Garden Map Find a family program
What flowers can you smell? Volunteer Visit the WOW Children’s Garden