Guided School Field Trip Programs: Fourth – Sixth Grade

WOW NatureKids Children’s Garden Programs

Takes place in the World of Wonders Children’s Adventure Garden
(WOW Children’s Adventure Garden requires 1/3 mile walk to WOW area from the parking area.)

Earth in Motion

Take a hike through the garden to explore the environment. Topics of study will focus on the food webs, structural and behavioral adaptations and plant life cycle with a look at the parts of a flower and their function, why they function and how they help to maintain healthy habitats that provide important natural resources. VA SOL: Science: 4.4, 4.5, 4.9. This program serves as a great review for 5th Grade SOL Testing.

Lakes Alive Boat Program

(22 passengers per boat max)
Lake Whitehurst surrounds the garden making it a special environment all to itself.  Take advantage of our unique area by scheduling a Lakes Alive tour that puts your class onboard one of our Garden Boats taking them though our canal system and out onto Lake Whitehurst. While onboard, a Garden Teacher will use various instruments to teach students about fresh water ecology, the lake as an ecosystem and the Chesapeake Watershed. VA SOL: Science: 4.5, 4.9, 6.5, 6.7, 6.9

Tram Tours for School Groups

  • School group tours booked after January 1, 2015 do not include tram rides, unless booked separately.
  • Tram rides are considered an additional tour and do not reduce the amount of walking required for a Guided walking tour.
  • Cost: $2/person in addition to the above tour rates. Minimum of $75. Chaperones covered free for admission must book and pay for a tram seat. Teachers ride the tram for free but must still be included in the number of seats booked.
  • Trams are booked for a maximum of 75 people (children and adults).
  • Trams must be booked when tours are scheduled and are subject to availability.
  • If a tram is scheduled but is unavailable due to maintenance or other issues, your group will not be charged for the tram rides.

Traveling School Outreach Programs

Can’t make it out the garden? Then let the Garden come to you with our Suitcase Science outreach programs. Choose from a variety of topics, schedule a visit, and let one of our Garden Teachers lead an SOL based program designed to complement your curriculum. $80 per class (maximum 25 students), $60 for each additional class on the same day. Limit 3 classes per day with same program. During the school year, Outreach Programs are available October -February only and will be scheduled on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday afternoons for 12:30-1:30pm, 1-2pm or 2-3pm.

The following programs were created especially for the Portsmouth Public School district and is now available for all schools. These programs have been tested and tried during the 2008 and 2009 school seasons with great results!  (Also a great review for 5th grade SOL testing)

Know Your Niche!

Liven up your classroom with an introduction to living systems from the Norfolk Botanical Garden! Pass the energy through the food web game, learn about animal adaptations, habitats and niches as we explore the interdependence of plants and animals in their ecosystem. VA SOL: Living Systems 4.5

A Chesa-peake Into Watersheds

Explore the Chesapeake Bay and its watershed system. Learn about the threats to this famous waterway, our influence on the environment and why it?s in our best interest to help protect it. VA SOL: Science: 4.9


To schedule a school or children’s group tour please email the following information; the name of the program you would like to reserve, if you would like to add the narrated tram tour to your visit, your reservation date and time preferences, the number of students, teachers and parent chaperones planning to attend, and your complete contact information to