First Grade Programs

NatureKids Garden Program

Take place in areas of Seasonal Interest

Flowers and Friends

What is the difference between an evergreen and a deciduous plant? Why do some animals hibernate and some animals migrate? From the plant lifecycle to the animals that use our plants for survival, take a hike to the nest of the American Bald Eagle with a Garden Educator and investigate the intricate world here inside the garden.
VA SOL: Science: 1.1, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7a, b, 1.8

NatureKids Social Stuidies Program

Take place in the WOW Garden
(WOW Children’s Adventure Garden requires 1/3 mile walk to WOW area from the parking area.  Groups arriving late to the Garden will be offered the Flowers and Friends program starting from the Baker Hall Visitor Center as an alternative due to program time restraints).

Plant Parts and Book Smarts!

This is a brand new program from the Norfolk Botanical Garden designed to bring together Science, Math and History! Walk up discovery Peak with our garden teacher and learn many great accomplishments of George Washington Carver! Visit the plant safari conduct your own scientific investigations, then head to the sensory garden to study plant parts and functions!
VA SOL: History/Geography: 1.2, VA SOL: Math : 1.20 VA SOL: Science:1.4

Traveling Outreach Programs

Can’t make it out the garden? Then let the Garden come to you with our Suitcase Science outreach programs. Choose from a variety of topics, schedule a visit, and let one of our Garden Teachers lead an SOL based program designed to complement your curriculum.
$80 per class (maximum 25 students), $60 for each additional class on the same day.
Limit 3 classes per day with same program

Plants and Animals of the Garden

What is the Norfolk Botanical Garden? Sure we have plants, but did you know that these plants are a very important part of the habitat for our wildlife? Let us show your students the inside scoop on how our garden grows and how our plants and animals that live here change throughout the seasons.
VA SOL: Science: 1.4, 1.5, 1.7