Plant Societies

Many of the following organizations meet at the Garden. Please see each society’s page for more information about their calendar of events.

Butterfly Society of Virginia

Founded in 1992 with the goals of butterfly education, conservation, gardening and volunteering. The Butterfly Society now has over 250 members. Society holds annual summer event. Past events include the Butterfly Garden Tour and the Butterfly Family Festival. Meetings are held once per quarter. Meetings vary.

Contact:  President at
Website: Butterfly Society of Virginia

American Conifer Society

2012 Regional Meeting in Asheville, NC, August 17–19, 2012.

Website: American Conifer Society

Hampton Roads Digital Shutterbug Club

Meets on the third Wednesday of every month. Members only.

Contact: Jerry Wymore, President,
Website: Hampton Roads Digital Shutterbug Club

Hampton Roads Iris Society

The purpose of the American Iris Society is to develop the science if horticulture and any activities related to the study, propagation and culture of the genus Iris: to stimulate and foster interest in horticulture pursuits, conservation and protection of these plants, to cooperate with other organizations, public and private, in the scientific and horticultural education of all those interested in learning any phase of the genus Iris. Meetings are held at the Heutte Center on the first Sunday of each month at 2 p.m.

Contact: Bea Rodgers, 757-484-6001
Website:  Hampton Roads Iris Society

Hampton Roads Tree Care Association

Meetings held 3rd Thursday of the month.
Contact: Chad Peavey, President, 757-477-979
Website: Hampton Roads Tree Care Association

Herb Society of America, Tidewater Unit

An organization designed to share information on the use and delight of herbs. Meetings are held at Norfolk Botanical Garden on the second Sunday bi-monthly at 1:00 p.m.

Contact: Billi Parus, Chairman, 757-499-1881,
Website: Herb Society of America, Tidewater Unit

Holly Society of America – Colonial Virginia Chapter

Contact: Mike Andruczyk, President,
Website: Holly Society of America – Colonial Virginia Chapter

Norfolk Master Gardener Volunteers

The Norfolk Master Gardener Association provides current, research-based, home horticulture information and education to the citizens of our community. We have many projects and programs throughout the city.

Website: Norfolk Master Gardener Volunteers

Tidewater Daylily Society

Individual membership to the Tidewater Daylily Society is $10.00, Family $15.00.

Contact: Yvonne Leonard, membership chair, 757-467-6606,
Website: Tidewater Daylily Society

Tidewater Orchid Society

Contact: David Wheatleay, President,
Website: Tidewater Orchid Society

Tidewater Rose Society

Meetings are held at Norfolk Botanical Garden on the third Sunday of each month at 2:30 p.m.

Contacts: Peggy Scott, President, 757 588-1865
Happy Anderson, Vice President, 757-428-1151

Application for membership

Virginia Bonsai Society


The Virginia Bonsai Society is dedicated to the promotion, education, and enjoyment of the Art of Bonsai in the Hampton Roads area. Our monthly meetings are held in the Holly Room the first Thursday, 7:00 pm. Visit the website for complete meeting details.

Contact: email
Website: Virginia Bonsai Society

Virginia Camellia Society

The Virginia Camellia Society is dedicated to the growth and propagation of camellias since 1946. The Virginia Camellia Society in a coordinated effort with Norfolk Botanical Garden, assist in maintaining the Hofheimer Camellia Garden. Meetings and workshops are held throughout the year at Norfolk Botanical Garden.

Contact: Sally Simon, 757-625-0374,
Website: Virginia Camellia Society

Virginia Master Naturalist

Contact: Darren Loomis, Chapter Advisor
Department of Conservation and Recreation
1548A Holland Road
Suffolk, VA 23434

Website: Virginia Master Naturalist

Virginia Native Plant Society

The Virginia Native Plant Society is dedicated to the protection and preservation of the native plants of Virginia and their habitats, in order to sustain for generations to come the integrity of the Commonwealth’s rich natural heritage of ecosystems and biodiversity for purposes of enjoyment, enlightenment, sustainable use and our very own survival. Call for schedule of meetings.

Contact: Steve Stasulis, President,
Website: Virginia Native Plant Society

Federation of Garden Clubs

  • Tidewater District
    Glenda H. Knowles, President, 757-412-0240
  • Norfolk Federation
    Doleres Sabisky, President, 757-583-5315

Council of Garden Clubs

The Council of Garden Clubs is dedicated to promoting our community through beautification, conservation and preservation by means of educations and example.

  • Virginia Beach Council
    Cheryll Klovuchar, President, 757463-4885
  • Portsmouth Council
    Gaile Bishop, President, 757-558-2699
  • Peninsula Council
    Benita J. Edwards, President, 757-559-3118
  • Suffolk Council
    Bertha Poulson, President, 757-539-9090
  • Williamsburg Council
    Frederica Carson, President, 757-564-7707