Red Spider Lily

Lycoris radiata

The red spider lily is a perennial bulb that blooms in late August or September.  When flowering, a single stem emerges from the ground without leaves. The stem grows 12-18″ tall and features a cluster (or umbel) of red flowers.  Each flower is a recurved trumpet with long stamens and pistil that look like spider legs, giving rise to the flower’s common name.

Red Spider Lily (Lycoris radiata)

The flowers live for only a few weeks before fading. Following the bloom, 4-6” long and 1/4” wide leaves emerge, lasting the entire winter before dying to the ground in the spring.  The bulb is dormant in the summer.

This plant is native to Japan.  The bulbs was first brought to the United States by Captain William Roberts in 1858, who presented them to his wife, Lavinia.  Her flowers did not bloom until sometime during the Civil War.

Type Perennial bulb A group of Red Spider Lily (Lycoris radiata)
Size 12-18″ tall
Flower A cluster of red trumpets in September
Hardy Zones 7-10
Native Japan

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