Red Maple

Acer rubrum

Red maple is a deciduous tree growing up to 90 feet tall. It has tiny red flowers in clusters that are one of the first flowers to bloom in spring.  Red maple thrives in a wide variety of habitats.  It is often found in wetlands and on moist soils, but is also found in drier upland habitats. Red maple tolerates shade but also grows well in the sun and often establishes in disturbed areas.  Red maple can be found throughout Norfolk Botanical Garden particularly in the natural areas.

Red Maple (Acer rubrum)

This species is part of the Southeastern Virginia Phenology Network.

Type Large Tree Red maple flowers emerging
Size up to 90′ tall
Flower small red flowers; late winter – early spring
Fruit dry, winged samaras; late spring-summer
Hardy Zones 3b-9
Native Eastern US

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Phenophase Photos

Emerging Leaves Red Maple emerging leaves - photo by David Ingersoll       Flowers Red Maple flowers - photo by David Ingersoll