Muhly Grass

Muhlenbergia capillaris

This ornamental grass has an upright habit with a fine texture that gives it a soft look in the landscape. The plant grows in clumps and is suitable for mass plantings. In the fall, delicate pink or purplish-red flowers create an airy floating cloud above the foliage. Late afternoon or early morning sun will really highlight the ethereal quality of the flowers.

Muhlenbergia capillaris

The plant is drought tolerant and grows best in full sun. It will tolerate flooding and is suitable for wetland or beachfront sites. It grows best in sandy or rocky soil and requires little maintenance other than cutting back the brown foliage in early spring.

Type herbaceous perennial, ornamental grass Muhly grass in the rain
Size 3-4 feet tall
Flower pink blooming in fall
Hardy Zone 7-11
Native Mexico, Southern US

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Muhly grass (Muhlenbergia capillaris)