Mexican Sage

Salvia leucantha

This fall-blooming salvia creates a bright spot in any fall garden. The long arching purple flowers are velvety and soft to the touch, making this an excellent flower for young children to explore. The velvety leaves and flowers are also the source for its other common name – Velvet sage.

Salvia leucantha

The plant grows best in full sun. It is drought tolerant and likes well drained soils. It suffers few diseases and the velvet foliage is unappetizing to many insects. While it does well here in the coastal plain of Virginia, it will not tolerate much colder climates. It will grow in large clumps so needs some room to spread out.

Type herbaceous perennial      Salvia leucantha is a large perennial/sub-shrub
Size 2-4 feet tall
Flower white flowers with purple caylx, blooms in the fall
Hardy zone 7b-10
Native Mexico

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