Flowering Dogwood

Cornus florida

Flowering dogwood is a small tree growing up to 40 feet tall. Its tiny yellow to green flowers are inconspicuous and are clustered in the center of 4 large, white bracts that look like petals. Flowers are insect pollinated.
Flowering dogwood tolerates moist to well-drained, upland soils. It is often found in mesic deciduous woods,
on floodplains, lower to middle slopes and along streams. It is very shade tolerant, and is reportedly
sensitive to drought and flooding.  Flowering dogwood can be found throughout Norfolk Botanical Garden, particularly in the natural areas.

Dogwood (Cornus florida)

This species is part of the Southeastern Virginia Phenology Network.

Type Small to medium tree
Size up to 40′ high
Flower small green/yellow flowers surrounded by 4 showy white bracts; spring
Fruit clusters of red berries; summer-fall
Hardy Zones 5-9
Native Eastern North America

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Phenophase Photos

Emerging leaves & bud Cornus florida - emerging leaves and bud
fall leaf color Cornus florida fall color Fruit (drupe) Cornus florida drupe