American Euonymus

Euonymus americanus

This rather non-descript shrub is not very remarkable most of the year except in the early fall.  The fruit merits attention for its unusual appearance.  It is a scarlet, warty almost spiky capsule that splits open to reveal bright reddish-orange seeds.  Because the capsule is so interesting, the plant is sometimes called strawberry-bush.  The seeds dangling from the open capsule have inspired another name – hearts-a-bustin’.  Both are great descriptors of this plant.


Euonymus americanus

This is a good plant for a naturalized woodland setting.

Type Shrub Hearts-a-bustin'
Size 4-6′ tall
Flower unimportant – spring
Fruit strawberry capsule opening to reveal red seeds
Hardy Zones 6-9
Native North America

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