All About Orchids

Fun Facts


• Orchids are the largest group of flowering plants and are found everywhere except Antarctica.

• Most orchids grow on the ground (terrestrial), trees (epiphytes) and rocks (lithophytes).

• There are more than 25,000 documented species of orchids found worldwide in nearly 900 genera.

• Species in the wild generally bloom once per year.

• Most of the orchids in this exhibit are hybrids. There are more than 110,000 developed hybrids and cultivars. Growers develop hybrids to flower more often, increase the number and size of flowers, create new color combinations and other factors that are appealing for growing orchids at home.

• Vanilla comes from the seed capsule of the Vanilla orchid (3 species). The blooms last only 24 hours making it labor intensive to produce and is the second most expensive spice.

• The orchid industry contributes billions of dollars to the worldwide economy.DSC_0265

• Orchids have only 3 petals and 3 sepals.

• Orchid pollen is contained in a sack called the pollinia.

• Orchid seed germination is dependent on a mycorrhizal fungi relationship.

• Orchids seeds are the smallest seeds in the world and one seed pod can contain up to 3 million seeds.

• Some orchids have no leaves and photosynthesize through their roots.

• There are two species of Australian orchids that grow and bloom underground.