North American Plant Collection Consortium

Norfolk Botanical Garden is an active participant in the North American Plant Collections Consortium (NAPCC). This is a program of the American Public Garden Association in cooperation with the United States Department of Agriculture and the U.S. National Arboretum. For more information about the NAPCC program, click here.

Institutions holding NAPCC collections commit to a professional standard of collection management, sharing collection information with other instituitions to compare holdings and identify duplications and gaps. Germplasm from NAPCC collections are available for selection and breeding, taxonomic study and other research purposes. Currently 44 arboreta and botanical gardens across North America hold NAPCC collections.



Norfolk Botanical Garden has two NAPCC collections. The Garden is one of two insitutions to hold a collection of the genus Camellia. The Garden is the only institution in the program to hold an official collection of plants in the Hydrangea familiy (Hydrangeaceae).