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Have you seen the fireflies, or lightning bugs depending on which part of the country you are from, flying around your yard recently? They are quite fascinating, even magical appearing, having inspired all types of legend and lore. Fireflies are a beetle in the order Coleoptera. There are many different species and their defining characteristic…

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Video Blog – Native Azaleas

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Don’t miss Norfolk Botanical Garden’s Annual Plant Sale Mother’s Day Weekend – May 10-12th. Watch Les Parks as he shares his love of the Native Azalea. This flowering plant is the Garden’s signature plant for the NBG Plant Sale – fitting for our 75th anniversary! Click here for more information about our Annual Plant Sale.

Growing Your Easter Lilies Outside

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Do you hate to simply discard your Easter Lily after it has finished blooming? Here is some advice provided the Kansas State University Extension Service for repeat bloom in subsequent years. After the flowers have faded, remove the flower stalk so that energy does not go into making seed. Keep the plant inside until the…

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